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info@arpe.es  +34 937 937 677

Arpe receives ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications


The company already has the certifications of Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems.

Arpe has recently received ISO 9001 certifications for Quality Management Systems and 14001 for Environmental Management Systems. These badges certify, formally and internationally, the products of the company, which makes it more competitive.  

ISO 9001 is awarded to companies that, thanks to the implementation of a Quality Management System, demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products or services that meet applicable customer and regulatory requirements. In addition to promoting the positioning of the company in the international market and serving to increase customer satisfaction, this certification is a stimulus for continuous improvement and to be more effective. 
For its part, ISO 14001 certifies Arpe as a socially responsible company that optimizes the management of resources and waste to reduce environmental impact.  

Arpe, a company based in Barcelona, is specialist in the manufacture and customization of microfiber and offers original and different design products, as well as the option of customizing the product to the customer's wishes through digital printing systems.