TUVA Towel
info@arpe.es  +34 937 937 677
info@arpe.es  +34 937 937 677


Manufacturas ARPE is the first company in the country to specialise in manufacturing and  personalising microfiber cloths and towels with images, using printing systems based on digital technology.


The company has 1,500 m2 of facilities just 40 km from Barcelona, where it designs and personalises textile microfiber.  Our philosophy is to each day wager on innovation, design and quality across our range of products.

1991: ARPE, a benchmark company in the industrial supply of technical cloths.
1999: First patent of a technical cloth for industrial use for clean room and vehicle industry.
2003: Personalisation of cloths with images for opticians.
2004: Opening of the new facilities and introduction of the quality management system based on the ISO9001 standard.
2008: Presentation of the patent for a cleaning cloth with micro-capsules.
2009: Launch of the personalised micro-fibre technical towel for leisure, sport and health.
2010: The Tuva Towel Barcelona brand appears with the idea of applying fashion and creativity to an innovative, technical product.
2011: Start of the Internationalisation Plan.
2012: Presentation of the patent for an anti-microbial towel.


  • To offer original and different design products.
  • To be an innovative, dynamic and effective organisation.
  • To internationalise and compete globally.
  • To consolidate a socially responsible quality project.


  • Passion
  • Effort
  • Proximity
  • Creativity
  • Responsibility