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A training and environmental awareness campaign is carried out by the company's staff, aimed to reduce the consumption of personal and health use of water. In order to improve the space and comfort of the staff, the changing room and bathroom area have been remodeled. Specifically, the target set is achieved with a 32% reduction in the water consumption ratio per person. Moreover, new work clothes have been bought and also new electrical... [+]


ARPE adds value to the Christmas campaign with its Eco-designed products



It’s time to plan the promotional gifts for this Christmas campaign. Companies use to take advantage of this season to give away  gifts to thank their customers and suppliers for their loyalty. 

Arpe Barcelona proposes Value-added products by showing its sensitivity to the protection of the environment through different actions.

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ARPE finalizes successfully the strategic of circular economy

The circular economy or the transition from a linear consumption model to a more sustainable circular system is one of the main goals set by the European Commission in the upcoming years. The program’s aim is benefiting the environment and the economy. The adoption of the circular economy in ARPE has involved a twelve-month strategic process and the entire organization has been focused on the project. All phases of the company have been questioned, from design... [+]